Buick Enclave manuals

Buick Enclave: Power Door Locks

(Unlock): Press to unlock the doors.

(Lock): Press to lock the doors. (Unlock): Press to unlock the doors.
Delayed Locking (Lock): Press to lock the doors.


 Delayed Locking

When locking the doors with the power lock switch and a door or the liftgate is open, the doors will lock five seconds after the last door is closed. You will hear three chimes to signal that the

 Automatic Door Locks

Vehicles with an automatic lock/unlock feature enable you to program the vehicle's power door locks. This feature can be programmed through the Driver Information Center (DIC). See Vehicle Pe

 Lockout Protection

This feature protects you from locking the key in the vehicle when the key is in the ignition and a front door is open. If the driver side power door lock switch is pressed when the driver door is


 Drive Systems

All-Wheel Drive Vehicles with this feature always send engine power to all four wheels. It is fully automatic, and adjusts itself as needed for road conditions. When using a compact spare tire on an AWD vehicle, the system automatically detects the compact spare and disables AWD. To restore A

 OnStar Overview

If equipped, this vehicle has a comprehensive, in-vehicle system that can connect to a live Advisor for Emergency, Security, Navigation, Connection, and Diagnostic Services. Overview The OnStar system status light is next to the OnStar buttons. If the status light is: ► Solid Green:

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