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Buick Enclave: Climate Controls


 Climate Control Systems

 Dual Automatic Climate Control System

The heating, cooling, and ventilation in the vehicle can be controlled with this system. A. Fan Control B. AUTO (Automatic Operation) C. Defrost D. Recirculation E. REAR (Rear Climate Control

 Rear Climate Control System (Rear Climate Control Only)

A. Fan Control B. Temperature Control C. Air Delivery Mode Control For vehicles with the rear climate control system, the controls are located on the rear of the center console. The system can



Hydraulic Power Steering Your vehicle has hydraulic power steering. It may require maintenance. See Power Steering Fluid . If power steering assist is lost due to a system malfunction, the vehicle can be steered, but may require increased effort. Variable Effort Steering Some vehicles have a

 Repair Instructions - Off Vehicle

TRANSFER CASE DISASSEMBLE Housing O-ring, Vent Assembly, Drain and Fill Plug Removal Fig. 27: View Of Transfer Case Housing O-Ring, Vent Assembly, Drain & Fill Plugs Housing O-Ring, Vent Assembly, Drain and Fill Plug Removal Intermediate Drive Shaft Removal Fig. 28: Identifying Intermediate

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