Buick Enclave manuals

Buick Enclave: Transmission Cooling


 Diagnostic Information and Procedures

TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER FLUSHING AND FLOW TEST GM studies indicate that plugged or restricted transmission oil coolers and pipes cause insufficient transmission lubrication and elevated operating t

 Repair Instructions

TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER PIPE CONNECTOR REPLACEMENT - RADIATOR Fig. 17: View Of Transmission Fluid Cooler Hose/Pipe Connector Transmission Fluid Cooler Pipe Connector Replacement - Radiator TRANSM



 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This legal identifier is in the front corner of the instrument panel, on the left side of the vehicle. It can be seen through the windshield from outside. The VIN also appears on the Vehicle Certification and Service Parts labels and certificates of title and registration. Engine Identifica

 Repair Instructions

FRONT DISC BRAKE PADS REPLACEMENT Fig. 12: View Of Front Disc Brake Pads Front Disc Brake Pads Replacement REAR DISC BRAKE PADS REPLACEMENT Fig. 13: Identifying Rear Disc Brake Pads Rear Disc Brake Pads Replacement BRAKE PAD AND ROTOR BURNISHING WARNING: Road test a vehicle under safe cond

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