Buick Enclave manuals

Buick Enclave: Transmission Cooling


 Diagnostic Information and Procedures

TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER FLUSHING AND FLOW TEST GM studies indicate that plugged or restricted transmission oil coolers and pipes cause insufficient transmission lubrication and elevated operating t

 Repair Instructions

TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER PIPE CONNECTOR REPLACEMENT - RADIATOR Fig. 17: View Of Transmission Fluid Cooler Hose/Pipe Connector Transmission Fluid Cooler Pipe Connector Replacement - Radiator TRANSM



 Repair Instructions

HVAC CONTROL MODULE REPLACEMENT Fig. 6: Identifying HVAC Control Module HVAC Control Module Replacement AUXILIARY HEATER AND AIR CONDITIONING CONTROL MODULE REPLACEMENT Fig. 7: View Of Auxiliary Heater & Air Conditioning Control Modules Auxiliary Heater and Air Conditioning Control Module Re

 Battery Power Protection

This feature helps prevent the battery from being drained, if the interior courtesy lamps or reading lamps are accidentally left on. If any of these lamps are left on, they automatically turn off after 10 minutes, if the ignition is off. The lamps will not come back on again until one of the f

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