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Buick Enclave: Transmission Cooling


 Diagnostic Information and Procedures

TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER FLUSHING AND FLOW TEST GM studies indicate that plugged or restricted transmission oil coolers and pipes cause insufficient transmission lubrication and elevated operating t

 Repair Instructions

TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER PIPE CONNECTOR REPLACEMENT - RADIATOR Fig. 17: View Of Transmission Fluid Cooler Hose/Pipe Connector Transmission Fluid Cooler Pipe Connector Replacement - Radiator TRANSM



 StabiliTrakĀ® System

The vehicle has a traction control system that limits wheel spin, and the StabiliTrak system that assists with directional control of the vehicle in difficult driving conditions. Both systems turn on automatically every time the vehicle is started. ► To turn off traction control, press a

 Pistons, Connecting Rods & Bearings

* PLEASE READ THIS FIRST * NOTE: Examples used in this article are general in nature and do not necessarily relate to a specific engine or system. Illustrations and procedures have been chosen to guide mechanic through engine overhaul process. Descriptions of processes of cleaning, inspection, asse

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