Buick Enclave manuals

Buick Enclave: Appearance Care


 Exterior Care

Washing the Vehicle To preserve the vehicle's finish, wash it often and out of direct sunlight. Notice: Do not use petroleum based, acidic, or abrasive cleaning agents as they can damage the v

 Interior Care

To prevent dirt particle abrasions, regularly clean the vehicle's interior. Immediately remove any soils. Note that newspapers or dark garments that can transfer color to home furnishings can a

 Floor Mats

WARNING If a floor mat is the wrong size or is not properly installed, it can interfere with the accelerator pedal and/or brake pedal. Interference with the pedals can cause unintended acceleratio


 Repair Instructions

STEERING LINKAGE INNER TIE ROD INSPECTION Special Tools GE-8001 Dial Indicator Set For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools. 1. Turn the ignition key to the ON position with the engine OFF. NOTE: This inspection procedure does not supersede local government required inspections that

 Repeat Functionality

To use Repeat: Press the softkey below or to select between Repeat All and Repeat Track. (Repeat All): Press the softkey below to repeat all tracks. The tab appears lowered when Repeat All is being used. This is the default mode when a USB storage device or iPod is first connected. (

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