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Buick Enclave: Recommended Fluids, Lubricants, and

Buick Enclave 2008-2017 Owners Manual / Service and Maintenance / Recommended Fluids, Lubricants, and


 Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

 Maintenance Replacement Parts

Replacement parts identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer

 Maintenance Records

After the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service, and the type of services performed in the boxes provided. Retain all maintenance receipts.


 Steering Wheel Controls

Vehicles with audio steering wheel controls could differ depending on the vehicle's options. Some audio controls can be adjusted at the steering wheel. Press to select preset or favorite radio stations, select tracks on a CD/DVD, or select tracks and navigate folders on an iPod® or US

 Park Brake and P (Park) Mechanism Check

WARNING When you are doing this check, the vehicle could begin to move. You or others could be injured and property could be damaged. Make sure there is room in front of the vehicle in case it begins to roll. Be ready to apply the regular brake at once should the vehicle begin to move. Park on

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