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Buick Enclave: Recommended Fluids, Lubricants, and

Buick Enclave 2008-2017 Owners Manual / Service and Maintenance / Recommended Fluids, Lubricants, and


 Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

 Maintenance Replacement Parts

Replacement parts identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer

 Maintenance Records

After the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service, and the type of services performed in the boxes provided. Retain all maintenance receipts.


 Crankshaft & Main Bearings

* PLEASE READ THIS FIRST * NOTE: Examples used in this article are general in nature and do not necessarily relate to a specific engine or system. Illustrations and procedures have been chosen to guide mechanic through engine overhaul process. Descriptions of processes of cleaning, inspection, asse

 Wheels and Tires

Tires Every new GM vehicle has high-quality tires made by a leading tire manufacturer. See the warranty manual for information regarding the tire warranty and where to get service. For additional information refer to the tire manufacturer. WARNING ► Poorly maintained and improperly used

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