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Buick Enclave: Technical Data


 Vehicle Identification

 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This legal identifier is in the front corner of the instrument panel, on the left side of the vehicle. It can be seen through the windshield from outside. The VIN also appears on the Vehicle Cer

 Service Parts Identification Label

This label, on the inside of the glove box, has the following information: ► Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). ► Model designation. ► Paint information. ► Production opt


 Repair Instructions

HVAC CONTROL MODULE REPLACEMENT Fig. 5: Identifying HVAC Control Module HVAC Control Module Replacement TEMPERATURE VALVE ACTUATOR REPLACEMENT - RIGHT SIDE Fig. 6: Identifying Air Temperature Valve Actuator - Right Side Temperature Valve Actuator Replacement - Right Side MODE VALVE ACTUATOR RE

 Shuffle Functionality

To use Shuffle: Press the softkey below, or to select between Shuffle Off, Shuffle All Songs/ Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Album, or Shuffle Folder. (Shuffle Off): This is the default mode when a USB storage device or iPod is first connected. (Shuffle All Songs/Shuffle Songs): Shuffles all

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